Peggy M.
Rabbi-Cantor Annie’s beautiful voice and skills are remarkable. They are not only unparalleled, but they are also gifts for all those who work with her.

Dr. Raphael S.
It is an honor to be invited to speak about Rabbi-Cantor Annie Bornstein. The experience of Rabbi-Cantor Annie has been a pure joy. Rabbi-Cantor Annie always manages to find just the right words.

Deborah P.
Rabbi-Cantor Annie brings warmth and insight as well as her glorious voice and spirit to every ceremony at which she officiates.

Bobbie L.
I have been thinking about my dad, Alex Grossman, and the beautiful funeral at which you officiated. Thank you so much. He would have been pleased.

Pat N.
We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the opportunity to attend your Service yesterday evening.  Your warmth, caring and kindness touched us in a way that is difficult to describe.

Adam R. N.
When Rabbi-Cantor Annie sang to our older daughter at her Bat Mitzvah service, Rabbi-Cantor Annie sang with such tenderness that it was as though she was singing to her own daughter.

Bruce K.

It is uncanny how Rabbi-Cantor Annie Bornstein’s presence at our wedding  was warm and  deeply meaningful – so much so that her  participation  was like that of a close family member.

Patty A.
In fact, our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah speech was remarkable because Rabbi-Cantor Annie was able to impart a wisdom to her well beyond her 13 years!  Rabbi-Cantor Annie was able to do this because her communication skills are extraordinary – with both children and adults.

Dr. Lonny S. G.
Cantor-Rabbi Annie’s beautiful voice has filled our services with joy.

Ruby Jo & David H.
I can’t tell you what a beautiful ceremony today’s Bar Mitzvah was. It was so meaningful and hamish. Ruby Jo and I realize that it was like this because of YOUR contribution and participation. We both realize that you add a very personal and warm touch to everything you do.. Your closing blessing, which was sung so beautifully, could not have been more touching and appropriate. We feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to have had you as our officiant.

Melissa P.
I have to say that one of the greatest strengths (and gifts) that you have is, for me,  the ability to take the world of Torah and Jewish life/learning and open up a Reform Jew’s eyes to its beauty and depth . I would say that this is the value of  a true teacher.

Peggy M.
Most recently, Rabbi-Cantor Annie was a major support to my family as we suffered the dual loss (10 weeks apart) of my parents.  Rabbi-Cantor Annie not only officiated at the funeral services for my parents – both of which were loving and accurate tributes to their lasting memories – but she gave spiritual and emotional support to my family, and myself but to my extended family who travelled from distant places (including Paris), for these services.  Her ability to connect with mourners and then support their needs effectively has helped in all of our healing through this most difficult time.